Bump Hat Insert


Professional Unnoticeable Bump Hat That Protects From Dangerous Bumps -Satisfaction Guaranteed

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People who purchased bump hats for themselves or kids are saying things like:

My Bump Hat is not noticeable when placed in a ball cap, fits and feels great on my head, and most important works to protect myself form bump my head. I even got some for my kids to use during their baseball games and they work fantastic. Thanks Bump Hats!”

– Mike Piet

That’s probably because:

► Our unique bump cap insert fits inside most standard baseball hats and is designed with cooling ventilation to keep you from overheating and long-wearing comfort.
► Simply add our Original Bump Hat Insert to your baseball-style cap to give it additional bump protection.
► Protects head from lacerations, minor bumps and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets.
► Plastic liners offer additional protection against lacerations, bumps and scrapes to the head area.
► It’s that simple and as of now only 5.40 3.95. (and save another 20% on top of that when you use the special limited-time-only discount code above).

100% Money Back Guaranteed

If not completely satisfied with the Original Bump Hat Insert just return it within 10 days for a full refund.

DISCLAIMER: Read this before ordering
 The Original Bump Hat Insert is not a safety helmet and does not meet OSHA or ANSI requirements for head protection. Do not use the Original Bump Hat Insert where a sport safety helmet or hard hat is required. Do not use the Original Bump Hat Insert where ANSI compliant head protection is required.